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Discover more about the range of subjects at UCD and the world of opportunities that they open up. It's not just a University. It's an ecosystem of learning.

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Why UCD?

Ranked within the top 1% of universities worldwide, University College Dublin provides you with some of the best educational opportunities and job prospects for today’s competitive world.

Designed across Ireland's widest range of undergraduate disciplines, we offer over seventy degree courses to our students.  Our UCD Horizons curriculum offers you the opportunity to take elective modules from within your subject or outside your core study area so that you can tailor your learning to your interests. 

UCD’s Belfield campus is home to 3,000 students in residence and with a great selection of events, sports clubs and societies to choose from, there’s always something to do when your study time is over. 

UCD is the most active research university in Ireland.  We believe that it’s best to learn from those who are writing the books and publishing new research findings so at UCD, you will learn from top class academics.

We're busy preparing young minds for all the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead of them.

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